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Great is Thy Faithfulness, O Lord

I praise and thank God for all the wonderful things He has done for the expansion of His Kingdom through Rock Church Ministries. The Lord sent me to Hyderabad with a vision and my life is dedicated to serve His purpose.
It all started in 1977 when the Lord told me to pray for India. I was puzzled as I was already praying for India. I began to ponder over this. Then the Lord made it clear that I have to leave my job in U.S.A. and start new work to reach all parts of India, and that Hyderabad is to be the centre. The Lord wanted that I should establish a church and a Bible College, invites students from all over India, and train them for the Ministry. They in turn will go out and spread the Gospel, and establish new Churches in different parts of India.

This is beyond my comprehension and capacity. I have already established Manna Ministries in 1966 in accordance to His calling, and the Lord helped it to grow and expand from East Godavari to West Godavari, Krishna, Kammam and Prakasham Districts. I was happy and content with the progress of the Ministries’ work. Now this mighty task! Then my wife and I humbly prayed with tears and trembling, seeking His guidance for every step we have to take.
I wrote to my father-in-law Apostle P.L.Paramjyothi to acquire a proper place. He was the one who was taking care of the finances of Manna Ministries, as the Business Manager from the beginning. Many places were searched, before he reached Masab Tank area. The Lord chose this place ! It has a newly constructed house in front and a spacious vacant place behind, suitable for the Church building. But the owner twice refused to sell it. But when my father-in-law personally approached, and explained the purpose, he changed his mind and immediately entered into an agreement. My wife and I were scared to know the price as we do not have any money to take care of it. The agreement was, to close the deal in three months, or we loose the advance. We did not know that God has already arranged for it.Previously, we received an invitation from Rev. John Giminez to speak in his church on Easter Sunday. So we went there and had a great time of worship. After my message Bro. Giminez surprised us with a cheque. He said that the Lord has put a great burden in his heart for India, So he took an offering in his church for the Ministry in India. The value of the Cheque was exactly what we needed! We rejoiced and Praised the Lord!

It is difficult to come to a new place without knowing anyone. Joshua’s was the first family to invite us to Hyderabad for the Ministry. We started Rock Church in Hyderabad in 1978. Mrs. Joshua’s helped us as the secretary, and ran the children Home for Deaf, Dumb and Blind. Finally we came to Hyderabad and settled in 1979. Throughout the past years, we had our share of hardships, and abundant blessings too.


By 1980 we have to search for another peaceful place for the children, as the traffic in front of the home became heavy. We found 17 ½ acres of land at Kismatpur. It was a lonely place, and full of snakes. We cleared the land and built a spacious home for children, which could accommodate over 300 children. We built it half way ran out of money and stopped the work for one year. A Swedish benefactor came to our rescue. Now the campus in Kismatpur stands as a testimony for the glory of God with a fine home for the children with all the facilities, a High School, an I.T.I., staff quarters, a Church, a Bible College and a big Conference Centre under construction. We believe that God is going to do greater things in the days to come.

At Masab Tank the vision God gave us began to be fulfilled. At first we worshipped in the home in front of the Church site. The Lord blessed our humble beginning and multiplied the believers. We needed to build a sanctuary for worship. We have to get a permit for the construction. The M.C.H. wanted no objection certificate from our neighbours. It was a difficult task for us, since we have Hindu families on one side, and Muslim families on the other side. It is a residential area. Nothing short of a miracle could do it! The Lord exactly did that!

We arranged special meetings in the church site. The speaker Rev. Freddy Clark stopped in the middle of his sermon and pointed out at our Hindu neighbour’s home and said there is a little girl in that home and she can not hear. If the parents would bring her here the Lord is going to heal her. He parents brought her. She was prayed for and got instantly healed! The muslim neighbor observed the miracle and asked for prayer. He was invited and the Lord healed him from back pain, with which he was suffering the last 18 years. These miracles prompted our neighbours to give no objection letters and we got the permit to build the church.
At first we constructed the Educational wing. The Lord blessed us and filled the place. We prayed for the main building. Many friends and the congregation helped us to complete the church. As we are blessed we began to open branch churches. Today we have more than 30 branch churches, prayer cells, fellowships and outreaches in around twin cities. The Church started to grow and we enlarged the Church with the balcony and another floor on the top for the Bible College. The Church members gave generously to extend the Church. We have two Telugu Services and one English Service on Sundays. Now Rock Church Ministries expanded to other bigger cities like – Warangal, Cuddapah, Kurnool, Suryapeta, Bhongiri. Miryalaguda, Mahboob Nagar, Nizamabad and Adilabad Districts.

Bible College has been established. The Lord is faithful in sending students not only from A.P. but also from different parts of India such as Nagaland, Andamans, Assam, Orissa, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Burma, Maharastra. The Ministries spread, and we have established churches and children homes in all those places. Our Bible College graduates are doing a wonderful job in spreading the Gospel.

By the grace of God Rock Church was able to get many valuable books translated into Telugu on such subjects as – Prayer, Praise, Worship, Healing, The Blood of Jesus, Sacrifice, giving to God, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, Ministry Gifts etc., and some classics from Christian literature like John Bunyan’s Holy War, Happiest People on Earth, Uncle Eric, Praying Church, Forgiving Church etc., we have offset Printing Press which takes care of all the printing tasks. We have a recording studio to record the songs, messages for Radio and T.V. Programmes. We minister to masses through our T.V. Programme Manna Madhuryam and weekly Radio Programmes.

Our prayer tower works Day and Night, prayer requests are presented before the throne of God and received mighty answers. We spend much time in prayer and worship. All the executive members of each committee will regularly meet for prayer sessions, Singing, Praising and fasting Prayers.

We have conducted many crusades over Andhra Pradesh lead worship services in mega crusades such as T.L.Osborn, Reinhard Bonke Crusades. Rock Church Choir & Orchestra has talented and dedicated people. They were invited to Celebrations and many other Crusades.

The Men’s fellowship, Women’s fellowship groups, Youth Prayer cells and fellowship meetings, and Christian education groups are a great blessing to the Church Ministry. Weekly Testimony and Bible Study Services in every area spiritually strengthen the believers.

We Praise and thank God for the Spiritual and numerical growth of the Church and its branch Churches. Morning by morning His mercies we have experienced and we humbly proclaim “Great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto us”!
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